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From Technical Expertise to Leadership Excellence

After dedicating years to mastering the technical facets of our professions, many of us eventually come to the realization that the next stride in our careers necessitates an investment in social and emotional skills.

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My speaking engagement offers practical insights for individuals and teams seeking to transition from the role of technical professionals, who often bear the burden of solving all problems single-handedly, to becoming influential leaders.


These leaders empower their teams through effective communication, coaching, and the art of delegation.

About Andrea


I am a certified professional coach and speaker with two decades of experience dedicated to empowering technical professionals to evolve into effective leaders and catalysts of leadership.

My extensive background includes 20 years of executive experience, during which I successfully cultivated high-performance teams within global IT companies. My coaching services encompass a wide spectrum, catering to individuals, groups, and organizations, all geared toward nurturing essential soft skills and equipping professionals for triumphant leadership roles and gratifying careers.

Proficient in both English and Portuguese, I have provided guidance to over 400 individuals across three distinct countries. My credentials include certification as an Executive Coach from Cornell University, accreditation as a Strategic Intervention Coach from Roberts-Madanes, and recognition as a Certified Professional Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Furthermore, my educational background boasts a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's degree in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University.

My expertise spans various domains, including leadership development, effective communication, time management, conflict resolution, and mindset transformation. I firmly believe that anyone, particularly technical professionals, can attain effective leadership by investing in the cultivation of their social and emotional skills. The journey to leadership commences with self-leadership, a foundational principle that I have instilled in over 400 professionals across three nations. A shift in mindset towards leadership is a catalyst for achieving goals in every facet of life.


Andrea's Talks


Breaking the Leadership Code: Tech Professionals Turning into Inspiring Leaders 

Many IT professionals find themselves in uncharted territory when promoted to managerial roles, shifting their focus from personal success to the collective well-being and success of their team. Suddenly, they must take on responsibilities such as coaching, mentoring, providing vision, goal-setting, task prioritization, as well as offering praise and guidance. These are skills that most of them have never been adequately prepared for in their career journeys. The unfamiliarity of this new role often triggers fear and disrupts inner peace.

Acknowledging the existence of this knowledge gap and taking proactive steps to become more effective leaders marks the path to transforming the unknown into the known.


By mastering these six key steps, you can remove fear from the equation, foster open and effective communication, forge stronger relationships, and unlock the full potential of your leadership skills.


Feedback Conversations that Drive Results

Feedback Conversations that Drive Results" is an engaging and informative talk that explores the art and science of effective feedback communication. In this presentation, you will discover how to transform feedback from a routine process into a powerful tool for achieving meaningful outcomes.

By attending this talk, you will learn practical strategies for conducting feedback conversations that not only address challenges but also motivate individuals and teams to excel.


Whether you're a leader looking to enhance your leadership skills or an individual seeking to navigate the feedback process more effectively, this presentation will equip you with valuable tools to drive results and create a culture of continuous improvement.


Leading Remote Tech Teams: Strategies for Success

This talk delves into the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when leading tech teams spread across different locations. It explores strategies for fostering collaboration, communication, and productivity within remote teams, emphasizing the importance of effective leadership in maintaining team cohesion and achieving project success.

By attending this talk, tech leaders will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to lead remote tech teams to success, enabling them to navigate the complexities of remote work and harness the full potential of their distributed workforce.


Whether you're an experienced leader looking to optimize your remote team's performance or just starting to lead remote tech teams, this presentation offers actionable strategies to enhance your leadership skills and drive success in the digital age.


Andrea's Testimonials

Image by Alexandre Pellaes

I spent decades in search of professional guidance, and Andrea's support has been nothing short of remarkable. As a result, not only did I uncover the answers I sought, but I also learned to channel my energies toward what truly counts. Today, I feel more authentic than ever, and my efforts are laser-focused on what truly resonates with me.

Sergio Favarin, Business VP

Andrea guided me towards reestablishing a clear and firm sense of purpose, one that I could almost touch; and then she topped it off with helping to formulate a concrete path forward. My personal and professional life were reenergized after having an opportunity to attend a few of the events where Andrea spoke.

Hector Vasquez, Technical VP


My communication with my leader, team, and peers has significantly improved after working with Andrea. I've learned to value my past experiences while prioritizing the present and future with a clear and objective perspective. I'm a high-performing executive who is not only recognized but also deeply respected within the company.

Ana Rosa Souza, Business Director

Andrea provided immense value and insight into how to foster a growth-mindset while helping me challenge the way I communicated. She supported and helped bridge the gap between immensely different communication styles amongst executives and helped establish appropriate patterns that allowed us to de-escalate tough conversations to be more effective as leaders. Additionally, she helped me turn an inward eye on personal matters to help build a better work-life balance ultimately resulting in me being more effective in business and personal matters. Having used a few executive coaches, she is the only one I'd legitimately recommend.

Ty Tucker, CEO/CPO


Andrea brings out the best in each person with her speeches and coaching, stimulating group development and growth, enabling an environment of reciprocity of relationship and respect, enriching results for everybody. Andrea has a result oriented leadership but also people oriented ways of conducting it. One of her best qualities is her transparency, she is real! 

Marina Mezzetti, CPO


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